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I was born in Jerusalem on Rosh Hashanah eve 1944, I remember the days of the siege of the city and the sense of fear upon hearing the sounds of war.


When I was seven, we moved to Kiryat Yovel, which was a new neighborhood on the edge of town that was considered "very far". These were semi-detached houses with small adjacent gardens and all around were stunning views: Wild fields with flowing meadows, with the occasional church bell ringing coming from the nearby Ein Karem. I suppose that this is when the gates of my soul were opened, I wondered dreamingly within this magical scenery, fresh scents and wide open fields ... I started to draw and since then .... I never stopped.


My love affair with art continued through high school where I majored in arts, with an interest in a wide spectrum of art forms, such as wood sculpture, painting and everything in between. Later on I graduated as an art teacher from the David Yellin College of Education (Beit Hakerem, Jerusalem) and have been teaching art for decades, both at a primary school as well as private ceramics and sculpture classes for children and youth.


Group Exhibitions:


April 2016, Gallery on Lake, Raanana, ISRAEL